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Related post: Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 11:40:02 +0000 (GMT) From: T J Subject: Rebecca & Mike's ski trip 3The main bedroom looked like a bomb had hit next morning. Being younger and some of the first to crash the night before, Susan and Sam were first awake. I stirred feeling them wriggling next to me. Morning breath meant kissing preteen jailbait images was out, but, as always, thanks to everyone cleaning themselves thoroughly before retiring, oral sex was very much in. Susan was 69ing Sam under the bed clothes. As I came round naked preteens cheerleaders to realizing their action I leaned over to stoke her models preteen sexy ass, and continued doing so until she came. I love the way it felt, the way her buttock cheeks clenched and shivered. Predictably for two who practiced so often, Sam began cumming too, but both were preteen boys masterbating ever- so-quiet.Susan extreme 14 preteen came up for air about 30 seconds later. She'd drunk most of Sam's cum, but saved some that she dribbled down her face at me as she smiled. The boy preteen feet little minx. She knew I couldn't resist it, and I couldn't. I leaned forward to lap it up. I leaned back, and mouthed vlad preteen 'thank you'. She then took my face in her hands as if to kiss me passionately, and sexy preteen gymnasts I opened my mouth in response. Susan then dribbled more globules of cum into my mouth. If this is what I got just thumbnails preteen naked for stroking her beautiful butt then I'd be sure to do it more often. I lay back down and pulled her on top of me. She snuggled into my breasts. I was just about to think 'what a lovely way to wake up' when Susan brought her sopping, silky smooth shaven pussy adult preteen sex into contact with my upper thigh preteen model pussypics and ground it there for a moment. She began kissing my breasts, cupping them gently, just the way she knew I liked it. She knew all to well what she was doing. I began stroking her hair and running another hand up the small of her back. Susan's hand left my breast, went into her mouth, and sweet preteen panty down to my clit. I was wet inside by now, preteen girl li and a delicate finger opened my hole to reach inside and bring some juices up to me clit to mix with Susan's saliva. She then reached into her own pussy to bring yet more juice. preteen pageant She looked up from kissing my breasts, but continued to massage my clit ever so gently, but arina pic preteen ever so effectively. "I love you and Michael" she said.14 year old love is an all consuming and utter passion. Susan had it in spade-fulls, for everyone in the room, but I knew Michael and I were special to her. We had taken her virginity, and Michael was still the only male organ she'd had inside her, or seemed inclined to want. I smile back at her. "Then let sex porn preteens me make you cum, dear Susan". I sexy preteen lesbian winked at her, smiled, and began to pull her up my body. As her tits rubbed over mine I got such a rush. As her ear passed my mouth I whispered, "I love you too". I passed her right up my body until she straddled my face, hands up against the window curtains behind the bed. I'd kind of banked on Sam joining shocking preteen nymphets us, and I wasn't let nude female preteens down. He scooted under the covers and began to lick my moistened pussy. I cupped her ass and illegal preteens pornsites began to move her over my no nuede preteen lips and tongue. I knew once I got her started she'd do most of the work, and I could therefore not lose focus on what Sam was doing to me. It worked like a dream. Susan began to use her thighs and hips to get the pressure and position just right. She parted the curtains slightly nudist black preteen to wipe some of the condensation off and used it one her underage preteen jpg breasts. Her nipple hardened so much and so tingly that she underage preteens net did it again, repeatedly to each breast.Sam was doing great things free preteen rape to me. I have a vague recollection of other murmurings around the room, but nothing that could distract us. Susan flooded into my mouth, her second orgasm of the morning, cp preteen 14 and I think 7th of the holiday so far. We'd been there less than a day!! All that sex. And with that thought I came heavily into Sam. This orgasm was intensely about Susan and Michael and Sam. I loved it.When Susan scooted down she placed her nipples in my mouth. Wow. They were so hard. "You try", Susan encouraged me, so I did. I raised myself up and began to wipe the condensation of ebony preteen nude the rest of the window and apply it to my tits. Wonderful. I cupped them in turn and licked me nipples. Susan sucked at my clit while I did so. I was really enjoying this. After about 3 minutes I looked out the window, and was aghast to see three figures standing in the snow staring up at me. They seemed to be three girls uncensored preteen young girls, about Susan's age, but it was preteen forum gay hard to tell. I dived back down into bed. Susan rubbed herself against my cold tits. panty preteen models "Were the girls still there?" she asked. And then teens preteens bbs it hit. preteen naked camp Susan had 'performed' for the watchers, and so had I. I felt so mad at her and yet so sexy. I had captivated them as much as myself, and no doubt Susan's performance had been a joy to behold - it had been for me doing to the licking. I couldn't help but start giggling. Thank god it would be us who recognized them out on the slopes and not them recognizing us - I wasn't about to ski nude and I reckon they'd need their jackets. But what a feeling it was having three young girls watch me... The morning's ski-ing was great fun, and how those days at the dry ski slope helped. I couldn't imagine being in those packs of 15 or so hopeless beginners with an old, diseased, smoking bikini preteens videos letchy ski instructor pawing my rear. For the first hour panties preteen nude or so we got one to one tuition from the family, all very hilarious, but that got us confident enough to move away rfom the bedlam of the nursery slopes onto two green runs that were are base for the day. In the afternoon Jill, the professor, Clare and Sam went further up the mountain, sexy preteens pictures whilst Susan stayed with us and acted as ski guide as we tried to master the greens. Well, master is pushing it a bit, cause we fell repeatedly, one knocking preteen clean bikini the wind and confidence out of Helen for a bit, but she came round. She had great spirit, Helen, as well as a wonderful tongue as I'd found out last night. All those lesbian magazines she read had prepared her well. It was with a fall of Susan's - ok, just a stumble and I clattered into her and knocked us both over young preteen moldels - that I started to feel frisky. I just leaned over in the snow to kiss her. After a moments hesitation she welcomed free pix preteen me, and we kissed hungrily. Cold lips and cold noses but fire inside our mouths made for a great experience. I wanted more, but I backed off a little, just in case I was crossing the PDA - public display of affection - boundary. We preteendigest org looked into eachother's eyes, and pre teen hoochie then quickly glanced around. No-one preteen ls galleries was paying any attention. Two people collapsed and embracing on the snow looked no different to two people crashing, and passing skiers couldn't tell if we were two boys or two girls under all these clothes. Maria was ski-ing toward us, with a smile from here to preteen nudism art England."You guy's are being right performers today". We smiled guiltily back up at her. "First the girls at the window," - we'd told them over lunch, to much amusement and envy - "and now out on the slopes. Jill wouldn't be pleased", she said, but not too seriously. Susan and I liked looking at eachother, grabbed another quick kiss, and were about to get up, when Maria and Michael piled on sven preteen board top of us both, followed moments later by Helen. We had a kissing, hugging, preteenrape videos laughing, giggling, groping frenzy. Snow was flying everywhere, as were tongues. nude preteen stars After a couple of minutes we calmed ourselves down, then grabbed the nearest person to us and did it all again. It was innocent, crazy fun. Not preteens sample pics sexual per se, but sexy, and it relieved a lot of pent up sexual desires. schoolgirls preteen We could now hold on til we got back. If we hadn't had this I'm not sure I could have.As we settled down suck preteen and sat up to retrieve and sort our mangle of skis, Susan spotted three jackets across the slope, and nudged me. I recognized them instantly as the three jackets staring young preteen only up at the window this morning. From side on we could see that on of them preteen girls japan had a dark navy stripe that the other two didn't, but from the front they were identical. Maybe like one of last years model and two of this year, or vice versa. Or possibly two girls and one boy. They were looking over at us and giggling as two taller skiers, possibly parents, came alongside them, glanced over at us. After pausing for a moment they skied on, with the three youngsters in tow. We'd all determined over lunch that there was no way this morning's voyeurs could recognize us with all our gear on. photography preteen nude Helen had said it was like a masked ball - we could see them but they couldn't see us. They were clearly accomplished skiers, and as they skied down toward the lift, I guessed we'd lost them. At that moment Susan grabbed her skis and set off. Other than two of youngest preteen boy the cutest wiggles of her ass which manufactured cutting parallel S's in the snow, she went almost straight down. Wow - this girl could ski. I looked at the others. We were all quite embarrassed at how much we must be slowing her up, and simultaneously extremely grateful to her. I made a commitment to be really good to her tonight.As we watched Susan went straight up to the three jackets and began talking to them. It lasted no longer than 90 seconds, preteen modells free and finished with a hug from the two identical jackets, orgy preteen tiny by which time the queue for the lift was going inside the station. The two taller people disappeared from our view first, then three youngsters. Susan then waved preteens tiny over to us and pointed across the mountain, skiing in that direction, and waited for us. We preteens teens videos were all in such a preteen little tgp hurry to see what was said that we had a calamity reaching her, with Maria and cum preteen pictures I crashing and flashing girl preteen Michael finding himself heading off piste and unable preteen panty puffy to turn in the softer snow. It was quite hilarious, and Susan was in fits by the time we all reached her.By the time nubile preteen nude Michael made it Maria, who'd got there way ahead of us despite the crash, was getting playfully impatient, but Susan held her ground despite Maria's threats of forced sexual abstinence for the rest of the week. Fact was there was no way any of preteen magazine pictures us could not melt in her presence. Susan just had 'it', whatever 'it' is - a combination of beguiling beauty, eyes you could dive into, a pornstar body in development, and a porn star attitude to sex already fully formed. All this at 14. And the little minx could ski like a preteen model hosting professional. God I wanted her so much. preteen boy photo I didn't want to be her, cause she wasn't going to marry Michael - I was - but as sure as I was standing in front of her now, I wanted Michael and I to make love preteenx model nude with her for the rest of our lives. As Susan continued ls preteens to tease Maria and Helen, I hugged Michael passionately, then looked at him. "I love you" I said.I turned back to Susan. Ok girl, get on with it, what's the story ? "They're twins, identical twins" she said excitedly, "and identically gorgeous". Over the next few minutes we got the low down, a pool of information it would have taken me weeks to get out of someone, and Susan had taken about 90 seconds.The two twins were Ulrika and Joanna, with stunning blue eyes and long blonde hair tucked inside their ski suits. Stephane was preteen models russia their elder brother, - a boy ? oh my god I performed at the window for a boy ? - who Susan compared to Rob Lowe, her favourite film actor. She didn't get their ages, but said maybe Stephane was about Clare's age. And the twins ? Maria had asked. Don't get young preteen erotic bogged down in the details, said Susan. They undrage preteens pics were all gorgeous and I nn preteen kdz got pecked on preteen young nudism both cheeks by both girls - Susan had clearly been quite taken with them....Their parents were Johan and Freida - Susan said like James Bond and one of his babes. They came from Norway, and were staying in the chalet diagonally opposite ours. There were two older boys staying with them erotic preteen pussy too, ski-ing elsewhere. Susan's introduction was wonderful. "Hi, I'm the girl from the window maxwells preteen links this preteen christmas models morning". Susan said that as soon as she said it preteen pix naked the twins immediately smiled in recognition. Clearly English was not a problem. Susan had said she was staying with her family, two blackpreteen pic girls and a boy - "like you" - and that the other girl in the tight virgin preteens window was a 'special' family friend. Freida had said her daughters had nude preteens beach been talking Hot shaved preteens about the 'girls in the window' all day, and it was lovely to find out they had not been making it up. Freida then invited Susan and her 'special friend' over for a sauna 'apres ski'. 'Can we all come?' Susan had asked. 'How many of there are you' asked preteen girls handjobs Joanna, seemingly the more talkative of the two drop dead gorgeous twins. '6 preteen rape clips family, preteen porn thumbnail 4 friends' replied Susan. There was evidently a 'wow' expression on their faces. They' dirty nude preteen didn't seem to pick up on a family of two girls and a boy adding up to 6 - Susan thought of Mai-Ling as family - but it would no doubt strike them later. 'Well perhaps you younger ones can get together and we'll catch up with chubby preteen modeling the adults later on' suggested Freida, and with that the queue had moved them inside. 'see you later' said the girls, and that's when she got her 'continental' kiss on the cheeks. Stephane just smiled, winked, and followed inside.Susan was so excited she just couldn't contain herself. "I've never made love in a sauna" said Susan. "I've never even been in a sauna, come to that". It was Helen who brought some reason to the episode."Susan, don't get ahead of yourself. They might just be inviting you over for a sauna. Its the done thing in Scandinavia. We might preteen girls clip just share a drink with their hot preteen candids parents and you might just get very hot and uncomfortable in a wooden box, and all the time we'd be missing spending time with eachother." She put an arm around Maria. preteen forced "And I think we have quite enough to play with ourselves without chasing after others like a dog on heat". Maria gave her mom a deep, open mouthed kiss. Helen had said it with humour and compassion, euro petite preteenies and we all, including Susan, knew that she was very right indeed. ''We could spend our whole lives making love just with eachother. Most people young preteen board have only one partner, we have 8 each. Get real girl. You can't just walk up to a beautiful family and expect they're torrent preteen shagging eachother like rabbits and on the look out for others". We nude teens preteen fell about with laughter. To young preteens galleries hear Helen talk so was preteen vlad hilarious, but it wisely got an important message across whilst preteen french nudist at the same preteen nymphet wet time being very funny."I agree asia preteen boy with Helen" I said, "but I see no harm in some of us going across and preteen party dress maybe having a sauna too. It would be rude not preteen whores topsite to now they've invited us." As we skied on for the final hour we agreed that one we got back to the chalet we'd discuss it over with the others, but in principle Susan, me, Sam and Michael would go over, whilst Clare, Maria, Helen, Mai-Ling, Jill and the professor brazilian preteens sexe would stay back. When we got back Jill and Mai-Ling were added to the sauna party, just to meet with the family and make sure they weren't axe girl preteens pics murders or something. The others would stay at the house to meet our chalet maid, and we arranged to have dinner in about an hour.
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